Outdoor Products

Decking, garden edging, fence posts, and red gum sleepers, hardwood itself is a proven performer in all weather conditions and McCormack Hardwood Sales is proud to be apart of a sustainable industry that provides quality materials.


Sizes:65x20, 85x20 and 130x20mm
TYPE:Spotted Gum
Sizes:86x19 and 135x19mm

Garden Edging

-:Karri - 75x11mm


TYPE:Red Gum
Sizes:200x50, 200x75 and 200x100mm
Lengths:2.1m - 3.0m
TYPE:Karri 1st Grade
Sizes:200x50 and 200x75mm
Lengths:2.4m - 3.0m

Fence Posts

TYPE:Red Gum
Sizes:200x50, 100x100, 125x125 and 150x150mm
Sizes:125x75, 125x125 and 100x100mm